We are in the midst of football tailgating season and while chowing down on your favorite meats and sausages is strongly encouraged there are some tailgating rules you should be aware of. 

We’ve broken down a list of tailgating dos and don’ts. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Bring a camp chair and skip squatting on the lid of a cooler regardless of whether it can hold your weight. This is particularly annoying for anyone that is trying to crack a cold one. Plus, it puts the person just trying to enjoy a beer in a position to apologize for asking you to move your butt out of the way. 

Don’t show up empty-handed. Tailgaiting is a communal experience and showing up with two single beers for yourself or nothing at all is considered a slight. Especially if a decent bottle of booze is passed around. 

If you are grabbing a beer from that cooler be polite and ask if anyone else would want one as well. You know, sandbox rules. 

Bring some decent meats to grill and share and be careful not to bash someone else’s ribs or wings. This is not the time for a grill-off unless that was pre-planned. 

If you have food allergies don’t make a big deal out of it. Just pack up your pre-portioned meal or snacks and casually mention that you have an allergy to XYZ if offered any other foods. If you DON’T have an allergy and someone wants you to sample all the glory of their grilling skills accept a taste gracefully even if you don’t’ like peppers. 

Clean up after yourself and especially if you didn’t put in the hard work of grilling up those meats. That goes a long way to being invited back for more tailgating shenanigans. 

Be nice. Let’s say you were there cheering on the opposing team and they happen to be the visiting team…singing a rendition of Queen’s We Are the Champions is a big NO-NO. Be humble to your hosts. 

Stay with your crew. It’s cool to hop to different tailgates where you know other people but be sure and return to the crew that invited you. 

Safety first. It shouldn’t have to be said but practice safety. After all, you are dealing with Sterno cans and hot coals all mixed in with beer and other spirits. Here is a handy guide on tailgating safety tips

Last but not least….don’t forget the bottle opener!