Welcome to Lakewood’s Best Local Butcher Shop. We are your one stop shop for all things meat and grilling. We look forward to having you over to our store.

We’ve Got Meat…Plenty of It

We’re talkin’ prime steaks, brisket, picanha, short ribs, Red Bird Chicken, Iowa Gold Pork, Colorado Lamb and more.

Brats Galore

Over 50+ types! Try our Irish Guinness or Chicken Chorizo Verde.

Bison, Andouille, Polish, German, British Banger, and more!

Exotic Meats and Wild Game

Try some of our delicious ostrich, yak, rattlesnake, and kangaroo, or enjoy our wild game such as elk, bison and venison.

Exotic Meats

Mexican Food

Enchiladas (Chicken & Onion, Beef & Onion, Cheese & Onion), Green and Red Tamales, Jalapeno Cilantro Dip, and more.

Cool Your Day With A Classic Soda

Root beers, Cheerwine, Blue Cream soda, Bubble Up, and more.

Everything Your Grill Needs

Marinades, rubs, charcoals, pellets, chips and chunks!

Don’t Forget Your Dog

Freshly made raw dog food, includes ground beef, liver, heart, kidney, and tripe with chicken and pork. Check out our marrow bones and smoked treats for your best friend too!

New! Digital Gift Cards

Perfect for local friends and family! Call our shop today to buy a digital gift card. Recipient will receive a QR code to use at our shop.

Butcher shop counter

What Brings It All Together, Our Team

We take pride in our growing team.

In our store, you will find:

  • Knowledgable staff
  • Expert Butchery
  • Amazing Product Line
  • Friendly customer service
  • Smiles and a good time