It’s winter in Colorado and for grill lovers or grilled steak lovers standing in the snow is not the ideal experience especially if you are craving the juiciness of a prime rib or new york strip. 

But don’t let that hold you back from enjoying steak for dinner any winter night. Believe it or not, the best steaks are made perfectly seared in a pan. In fact, cooking steak on the stove allows the steak to cook evenly while creating a delectable crust and sealing those juices. If you’ve got a pan…we’ve got your plan. 

Here is how to cook steak indoors:

Pan-Seared Steak 


1-2 lbs of your favorite cut of steak 

5 tbsp of vegetable or peanut oil (NOT olive oil..!)

4 tbsp butter (the real stuff…margarine will not cut it)


Salt and pepper your meat and allow the meat to sit for at least an hour. Ideally, your steak should be at room temperature. Break out that pan and drop that vegetable or peanut oil in the bottom making sure to evenly coat it. Heat the stove on high and drop the meat. You don’t need too much time searing up that meat…maybe 5 minutes on each side making sure to flip it every 30 seconds. 

You will know you are doing it right if there is a nice golden crust on the outside of the steak. Remember that butter? Tilt that pan and spoon it over the steak. 

Remove steak from heat and allow to sit for at least five minutes and voila!….serve with a loaded baked potato, salad or asparagus.