If you had big plans to stick to your New Year’s Resolution diet, you may slide just a little this Sunday’s big game. Colorado-based Gourmet Meat & Sausage Shop polled its customers to find out what will be served the most this Sunday. 

Here is a list of the most popular foods you will see for Sunday’s big game 2020, according to The Gourmet Meat & Sausage Shop and its customers: 

#1 Chicken Wings. Dry rub sauced up or served naked, you can’t go wrong with this meat staple and our customers agreed. Speaking of rubs, if you need one we are proud to carry award-winning rubs from local businesses such as Big E’s rubs and sauces. 

#2 Dessert.  Whether your team is winning is not, you can celebrate or drown your sorrows in the dessert. While you’re picking up some chicken wings at our store, don’t forget to grab a pie from the Village Pie Maker that you can pop in the oven and bake fresh. 

#3 Sausage.  Are you seeing a theme here? That’s because grilling on Sunday’s big game is a write of passage and grilled, juicy sausage is no exception. Our variety of sausages will blow your mind and take your meat expertise to the next level even if you are a newb to grilling. How about showing up to that Sunday’s big game party with a rattlesnake or rabbit sausage? 

#4 Meatballs.  This staple is a big crowd-pleaser and can be slow-cooked in that crockpot making for easy cooking and transport. We’ve got meatballs rolled and ready to go. 

#5 Ribs.  Whether it’s beef or pork, ribs will put your grilling skills to the test. The general rule is low and slow but even a novice can pull off good ribs. Swing by our store for the right rubs, sauces, and cuts of meat all under one roof.