Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner and is considered the kick-off to the summer grilling season and we’ve got a heck of a recipe for a steak rub and marinade. Not only is this recipe flavorful but this marinade and rub is easy and works on all cuts of steak. 

Grilled Steak Marinade:


3 minced shallots

1 tablespoon soy sauce 

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup olive oil 

2 teaspoons of freshly chopped basil 

1 tablespoon of hot sauce 

Mix all ingredients together until well blended and pour over meat. Seal in container and place in the fridge. For the best flavor allow marinating for at least 30 minutes. 

Dry Steak Rub:

1-2 tablespoons of black peppercorn 

1 teaspoon of cloves 

2 tablespoons sesame seeds 

1 teaspoon of cinnamon 

Mix ingredients together until completely blended. Rub on the outside of your steak making sure to cover all sides of the meat. 

Follow grilling instructions until thoroughly cooked and pair with grilled vegetables of your choice.