May is not only grilling season in Colorado but it’s National Hamburger Month! As far as meats go, burgers allow those backyard grill warriors to get creative. The possibilities for burger toppings are endless. 

Here are the best burger recipes you can try all month long: 

Donut Bacon Cheeseburger 

We had to lead with this heart attack burger. We also don’t recommend counting the calories or making this burger if you are trying to lose a few pounds.  

Beef & Salsa Burgers 

For those nights when you can’t decide whether you want Mexican fare or a hearty stacked burger. Why choose! 

The Best Sloppy Joes 

Not technically a burger but always a good comfort food go-to especially if you are using good ground beef. 

Peanut Butter Burger 

This might be gross but what have you got to lose? You can always just scrape the toppings off and go for it.

Venison Burgers 

Get in the game (ahem) with this recipe for venison burgers and the best place to track down that meat is at a Colorado butcher.

Spinach Tomato Burgers 

For those looking for a low-carb burger option, this bunless burger is a healthier option when compared to the donut/bacon heart attack burger.