Got a bonafide carnivore that made the nice list this year? We’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of sizzling hot holiday gift ideas. 

Meat: The Art of Cooking Meat 

Everything you ever wanted to know about cooking meat but were afraid to ask. Feast your eyes on over 60 recipes for every imaginable cut of meat complete with instructions on how to prep and cook to perfection. $19.99

 Prime Rib Scented Soy Candle 

Keep those sensational scents of meats going even when you are not cooking! This scented soy candle can be personalized with a special label for your meat lover. $10 Available on Etsy 

Professional Custom Kitchen Knives 

This handmade complete set of chef kitchen knives includes everything to carve and cut those meats like a pro. The 8 piece set features Damascus steel, a utility knife, cleaver, complete with a wood or bone handle.  $209 Available on

Bear Paw Meat Handlers 

This pair of meat handlers are a must-have for shredding that pulled pork, beef or chicken. Plus, you are can feel like a real barbarian digging into your meat. $12.99 Available at Target in-store or online. 

Monogrammed Steak Brand, Triple-initial 

Every grill master takes pride in their technique so why not let them literally put their own brand on their meats. Well, now you can. This personalized steak brand is for the backyard chef that has everything. $69.95 Available on Williams Sonoma.

Big E’s BBQ Sauces & Rubs 

This Colorado-based company offers award-winning rubs and a plethora of sauces. These sauces will take your grilling to the next level. Big E’s offers Carolina-style sauces both sweet and heat (jalapeno), KC or Kansas City-style, Hatch Green Chili and the heat of Jamaican Jerk rubs. $7 available online or pick up at The Gourmet Meat & Sausage Shop